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GREYTOWN’S After school care
& holiday programme

23-25 Wood Street, Greytown

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GREYTOWN’S After school care
& holiday programme

Children's Holiday Programme

Has your child attended The Pod before?

Before your child can attend The Pod, you must complete an enrolment form. This only has to be done once, so that we have all the important information we need to support your child.

If your child has visited The Pod before, you will have already filled out an enrolment form, so no need to do another one! Simply fill out the booking form below, and we will flick you back an email confirmation as soon as we receive your booking.

If you child hasn’t been with us before, please click here to fill out an enrolment form.

We want to be as flexible as we can and understand that sometimes things come up or the grandparents arrive in town! Once your child is booked we can offer “day swaps” if need be, however there is no refund for cancelled or missed days. Children are welcome to bring their scooters and ICT devices, we will try our hardest to keep everything safe and secure but please note that The Pod staff take no responsibility for lost or damaged belongings.

Autumn Holiday Programme

Monday April 15th to Friday April 26th 2024

Click here to download a pdf of our Autumn Holiday Programme to pop on your fridge.

Creative Arts. We have a range of amazing art projects on today to bring your creativity to life! From yarn creations, kaleidoscope collage, knitting and clay creations, everyone will have the chance to take home a creative masterpiece.

Divine River. The team from Divine River are joining us to lead an informative workshop on how we can all make sustainable choices that benefit our bodies and the environment – from candles, deodorants and lip balms. In this session we will be learning how to make our very own lip balms and exploring the key ingredients.

Join us in the afternoon for a baking session where we will be decorating delicious muffins.

Miss Penny Dance and GeoCaching. Get your dancing shoes on because Miss Penny is back to lead another movement and dance session that will have you movin’ and groovin’.

We are heading off on a GeoCaching adventure in the afternoon - using GPS devices, we are setting off to find hidden geocaches!

Little Sew sewing class. Join Natalie from Little Sew to create your own ‘tote bag’ - pick your favourite fabric and fun, iron on patches and learn become a pro at using a sewing machine!

Pranks and Backwards Day. Because we missed April Fools, we are embracing a day of silliness and pranks! Come dressed as crazy and backwards as you like and get ready to experience some pranks!

In the afternoon we will be heading down to the Lolly Jar.

All things Autumn.We are celebrating the season of beautiful colours – join us to make a bird house, create some leaf art, and make some yummy pumpkin soup.

In the afternoon we will be heading out to play Pokemon Go!

Science with Becky the Braniac. Becky the Brainiac is back with an Autumn science challenge. Have you ever wondered how trees make new trees? Get ready to investigate clever seed dispersal techniques and create your own. Whose seed can travel the furthest?

ANZAC Remembrance Day. Join us for a day exploring the traditions of ANZAC day.

In the afternoon we will be baking delicious ANZAC biscuits.


Shared Lunch. A morning of fun games, art competitions and shared lunch (bring a plate of food to share).